2mil team around some players




Must use Players:Nedved Or Potm hazard,UEL marcos alonso,Flashback David luiz, Potm VVD,Roy keane.

Untradeables:Potm Hazard, Potm Brandt, Otw felipe anderson,89 red sterling,88 werner,88 talisca,91 Cech.

Formation:No specific formation just 4 at the back.

I would not mind if potm hazard and nedved are in the team but one of them on 7 chem.


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    KSG777KSG777 Posts: 14
    Doesn't let me post the squad but the team looks like this
    4231 Wide
    Alonso UEL, FB Luiz, POTM VVD, Headliner Lala
    Keane LDM, Kante RDM
    Mbappe RM, Aouar FFS CAM, Hazard POTM LM
    88 Raul ST

    Alternatively you can put Aouar in RDM and Kante CAM then change them in game that way you could have Nedved RM on 7 chem and have more coins for a striker so could upgrade on Raul either to prime or a striker u like that's an icon

    Hope this helps bro
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    S4ifwS4ifw Posts: 6
    Thanks bro,I appreciate your help <3.
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