Prime rivaldo

Struggling to get the best out of prime Rivaldo!! Any Tips on position/chem style?


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    Personally I would sell him before you lose money on him. I had his 90 CF card and honestly 2* weakfoot on a player that is worth a roughly million coins is appalling. Perhaps if you have a brazilian team then OTW Felipe Anderson could be a fantastic replacement. I've used him in other 200 games and cannot speak highly of him. Hope this helps !

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    Acos23Acos23 Posts: 3

    I play him at st on hawk or hunter, stay forward & get in behind. Then u just have to get him on his left so nail down those drag backs and spin moves. His finesse shots are great if u can control the power but his cross body straight power shot is unstoppable.

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    Thanks guys ended up trading him in for stoichkov sbc! Hope he works out better for me! ??
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    i total agree i tried rivaldo during 2 fut champ, he is rly trash , u dt see any difference, only this shoot is amazing and weak foot look like 3-4 stars

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