Which icon is good in cdm ?

Prime petit, baby gattuso or prime Keane?
Suggestions for another good icon cdm


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    HadinassHadinass Posts: 5
    Same for me, I’m thinking of prime makelele
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    AhmedalirvpAhmedalirvp Posts: 238
    Prime keane is an absolute rock of a midfielder but I think he’s a better CM.
    Kante is a great cdm but you can try Makelele.
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    ihatetayihatetay Posts: 822

    Keane or Makelele. Petit and Zanetti are good as well of course. Keane and Makelele are the better ones. Petit has a good overall card but in many key stats he lacks compared to Keano and Make.

    Passing Keane and Zanetti are great. Makelele and petit are alrite in the passing department. Dribbling Keane is oddly great with engine chem. His ball control is superior. Dribbling Makelele is more agile and has 3star moves. But overall not much difference betwween Keane and Make in that department. Zanetti is also there with the dribbling skills.

    Defence all of them do a great job but Makelele and Keane have the edge. Petit lacks reactions also has H/H which as a CDM can be annoying.

    Makelele is the only one out of all of these that sits back infront of the CB's and rarely goes forward. You don't need him upfront anyways because he cant shoot.

    Keane will sometimes make KILLER runs forward. I have no idea why but i love this. So many times he has scored or assisted because of these awesome runs forward when you need it the most. Petit can shoot though! I remember even his LB card could hit fierce shots and crosses.

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    Is Ballack an option too? I did the SBC and absolutely love him, play him and Kante at cdm in 4231 and it's the perfect combination. And also Ballack is very nice during attacks with his shooting/passing, deadly at corners and a great freekick-taker.

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