Please help build my squad (Bundesliga/Premier)

Platform: PS4
Budget: 150,000
Min chemistry: 100
Formation: Any or mention a specific formation
Players that must be in: Any
Untradeable players: (Champions league 91 kroos), (Bundesliga POTM 84 Sancho), (87 Rivaldo) (OTW 88 Felipe Anderson) (Carniball 89 Müller) (Carniball 87 Rüdiger) (Champions League 87 matic) (Gold 88 Handanovic)- doesn’t really fit.
Description: I really like the Bundesliga so I would prefer a team in that direction, but I love hybrids and feel a Bundesliga/premier league team is doable. I’ve tried a lot of alternative teams but nothing seems to work right. Any help would be appreciated!


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