Ronaldo or Ronaldo


Hey Wankers.

I wanna buy a world class ST.

  • Who is best?
    Base Ronaldo ICON
    Gold Ronaldo?


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    FifaTekksFifaTekks Posts: 75

    Gold Ronaldo. The base card is a beast, but he cannot compete to Gold Ronaldo.
    Base Ronaldo loses all stamina in the 65th minute too, so you have to wait until you can buy the Mid Ronaldo card.

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    GodskkingGodskking Posts: 26
    Okay, thanks.
    I Will but cr7, and trade to mus Ronaldo.
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    SempihhSempihh Posts: 236

    Yeah agreed there's no point in getting R9 until his middle unless you packed his Baby card in the Base Icon Player Packs

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