My Squad Thoughts? Upgrades ?

defluxdeflux Posts: 1
edited March 2019 in Squad Building

probs gonna get FUT birthday Coutinho but any other thoughts or upgrades ?


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    DeeJayLeeDeeJayLee Posts: 45

    i guess u will play Coutinho instead of Paulinho? If you can afford FUT Birthday Douglas Costa (he costs like ~80k more) he is an option. they both have nearly the same stats, but Costa got 15 Pace more. Coutinho has 4WF, Costa only has 3WF, so it depends on how much u use them for Shooting. but they are both pretty aggressive players. if you want more like an CDM u could probably try Casemiro IF / LaLiga SBC. but he only has 2Skills and 3WF.

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