Best striker in the game? (up to 1.6mil)

He has to have at least :
-preferably taller to win headers
-good composure and dribling
-1.6mil or cheaper
I do have POTM Auba and want to upgrade, don't worry about chemistry
And I do use Raul as RAM and I won't play him at ST


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    TapuTapu Posts: 5
    Prime crespo
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    Jippe01Jippe01 Posts: 5
    Del Piero is the best st in the game my game goal ratio is: 42 games 62 goals en 11 assists in a 4231 formation
    I am going 15-0 in wl right and he carries the squad with 5 star weak foot
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    88 raul fucking beast for less than half the coins
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    TijestoTijesto Posts: 1
    Shevchenko is just a beast
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    Stoichkov prime
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