Near post corners - an intriguing question


Does anyone know what stats specifically attribute to a player being selected as that on the near post? Up until now in my Bundesliga squad I've been rolling with SIF Poulson (with Hawk) and FFS Joelinton (with Deadeye). Poulson would always be near post (and 6'4, 99 Jumping, 90 Heading good strength and aggression = OP). So obviously I would want to continue this.
Just upgraded (and moved Joelinton back to CAM) to TIF 88 Werner, slapped a Finisher on him (to nearly max out all his shooting stats), but then he would be at the near post on a corner. The only stat he has that beats SIF Poulson, is finishing - surely it can't be that (as Joelinton would also trump Poulson with or without Deadeye applied....)

Anyone know?


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    GarethJ1806GarethJ1806 Posts: 198
    That is a good question, for me I’ve noticed it’s always whoever I have playing as St. IF Rashford normally starts for me, and is at near post. If I sub him for Ibra then zlatan will be near post
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    masonjaymasonjay Posts: 16

    if you push R1 before the cornerkick you get a player near by the kicker, now you can switch through your players and in the box and put your best man manually near post, needs a bit practice but very effective

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