Brazilian left back

GarethJ1806GarethJ1806 Posts: 198
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I’m tying to get fut birthday Naldo on full chem in my bpl squad, I have firminho and birthday Willian at cam and flashback Luiz at cb so need a left back. I’ll have about 120k after rewards
  1. Which left back6 votes
    1. Save for Telles
    2. Luis
    3. Sandro
    4. Marcelo


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    Just get Dalbert= Crrackinv plurrr
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    tarekM10tarekM10 Posts: 59
    Absolutely save for Telles , I have him in my team I played with him more than 300 matches and I’m telling you this card is absolutely worth every penny he’s a beast , he would be wherever you need him to be absolutely very good when you’re building forward and he’s absolutely a beast defensive LB.
    He’s all rounded player.
    Telles would take 11 out of 10 .
    You won’t regret at all believe me.
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    GarethJ1806GarethJ1806 Posts: 198
    > @spikeaitchison said:
    > Just get Dalbert= Crrackinv plurrr

    Funnily enough I actually packed him last night haha
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