A Chemistry Question to Understanding Chemistry


I was wondering how does Formation change affect Chemistry...Particularly for FUT Birthday Milinkovic RB - If I were to start him at full chem then change him into CM - how would that affect individual and team Chemistry ? Also everyone uses their RW/LW in 4231 CAMs - does that affect individual player Chemistry as well ? If so How?


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    masonjaymasonjay Posts: 16

    If your player in this case milinkovic as Rb has 10 player chem and you change your formation ingame, it stays at 10 chem. If somebody starts with 4231 with 2 wingers he has to have STRONG (green) links in order to have high player chem...some people start with 4231 (2) (so LW/RW) to 4231 (the wingers become CAMs) - and some play with "lower" player chemistry (7 or 8 for example) and say it doesn't matter for them.

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