I will build you any squad

I will build you any team make sure you include:
Min chemistry:
Players that must be in:
Untradeable players:
Description: (Here say if you want a hybrid or not)


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    wietsieboywietsieboy Posts: 30
    Platform: ps4
    Budget: 1.5 million
    Min Chemistry: i prefer 100, but not extremely important
    Formation: not important
    Players that must be in: nobody has to be
    Untradable: nobody
    Description: i like hybrids, but it doesnt have to be one
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    andrer27andrer27 Posts: 1
    Platform: PS4
    Budget: 800k
    Min chemistry: 100
    Formation: you can choose
    Players that must be in: 88 kluivert and cb romelu lukaku
    Untradeable players: both of the above, also have brandt potm, mid icon Owen, flashback esswein
    Description: I prefer hybrid
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    rhyswortsrhysworts Posts: 18
    Platform: PS4
    Budget: 1,065,000
    Min chemistry: 100
    Formation: 433, 433(4), 4222 (I can swap In game)
    Must use: base vieira, mid Keane, maybe aguero, maybe mbappe.
    Untradeable: keane, vieira, 84 lala
    Description: probably has to be hybrid if you use mbappe :smiley:
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    Min Chemistry:95
    Must use:N/A
    Untreadables:Nothing good
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    patata234patata234 Posts: 17
    edited April 2
    Min.Chemistry: 100
    Formation: In Game 4-2-3-1
    Playera that must be in: 91 Griezmann (untradeable)
    Untradeables (optional): Promes OTW, 91 Cech, Rudiger Carniball, Ricardo Pereira 84
    Description: If its posible I want an icon and the RW or the LW with a great shot.
    Not every player must have 10 chemistry.
    Please help me...Thanks
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    thetc99thetc99 Posts: 4
    Platform: Xbox
    Budget: 1M
    Min chemistry: 100
    Formation: 4-3-3(4), 4-2-3-1
    Players that must be in: 90 Gullit
    Untradeable players: 90 Gullit, 87 Hulk, 88 Talisca, 84 Da Costa, 88 CB Lukaku
    Description: Fun squad not too serious, fast defenders even if they’re shit, Gullit can be up front or in CAM
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