Can someone build me a different/fun team?

randomguy36randomguy36 Posts: 2
edited January 2019 in Squad Building
Budget: 950,000
Min chemistry: 100
Formation: 4-3-3
Platform: Ps4
Description: Kind of getting bored of FIFA, just want a fun/different team to use rather than a META one


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    isaaco7isaaco7 Posts: 96
    Did you do futmas torreria
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    @isaaco7 said:
    Did you do futmas torreria


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    isaaco7isaaco7 Posts: 96
    (IF) Dembele. Lacazette Cuadrado
    L.Suarez Toreira (FS) Bentancur
    Sarrachi godin stones walker

    You can also switch sides with Suarez and Bentancur and use Douglas costa and gold dembele. And bentancur is expensive so if you dont want to buy him use IF vecino and perisic with Suarez and dembele.
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