Desperately need help

Platform: PS4
Budget: 150,000
Min chemistry: 100
Formation: Any
Players that must be in: Flashback 87 Esswein, Icon 87 Rivaldo, OTW 88 Felipe Anderson
Untradeable players (optional): Bundesliga POTM 84 Sancho, Champions League 91 Kroos, Carniball 87 Rüdiger, Carniball 89 Müller, 89 Hummels, 90 Godin, FUT Birthday 89 Boateng, Champions League 87 Matic, 85 Fabinho
Description: I listed all of the good players I have and currently play 4-5-1 but don’t use most of the players because they don’t fit. I would appreciate a more German team but as diverse as possible. Thank you in advance


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