Cheater/Hacker (CynthiagamingGal)


Found this cheater "CythiaGamingGal" AKA U K. He's got a meta squad and I surprisingly see this guy on top of the weekend league (1st place - search on futbin and it will show up) and he was not good when I faced him on Rivals beating him 2-1. at about 75th minute, all of a sudden, I got dropped and it showed the message like on the photo I shared (Link). Go report this hacker on Origin client so good players don't get punished for playing this guy and gets dropped only to see yourself get a loss or match void.

Please help punish this player because I know EA won't do anything if only I report this player. <- visit this website and see the instruction for PC platform.


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    It's August 2019 and still this cheater is on the loose in Fifa 19. Shambolic. I got victim to this again!
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    HwaksilHwaksil Posts: 6

    Report this hacker... Again on the 1st rank with drop hack

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    RoninXRoninX Posts: 112

    sorry Hwaskil:
    this is a normal crash that happens sometimes to me when I play another games before I started FIFA.
    That's why I recommend restart the PC before playing FIFA.

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    ihatetayihatetay Posts: 822
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    @RoninX said:

    sorry Hwaskil:
    this is a normal crash that happens sometimes to me when I play another games before I started FIFA.
    That's why I recommend restart the PC before playing FIFA.

    That is not true. Yes it is a crash that can happen but it is also a common crash used by a hacking program for FIFA. As many times you will have this crash whilst winning and in 2nd half. There have been quite a few different programs of hacks that cause crashes.
    Hence why in some cases the crash is by FIFA being stupid and some times it is actually hackers.

    Yes you should restart PC before playing FIFA as anything can interfere with FIFA because of EA not optimizing the game for PC.

    There are also a few too many cheaters on PC. I can confirm that some of the TOP 100 are cheaters. Most are not though. Many are just meta abusers.

    I have played against this cynthia before and i agree about him being crap. But so are many others in top 100. Most are there with pay2win meta abusing squads. I am not sure of this person cheating but seeing as he is hitting top and a few are hitting 30-0 in the last few months when before no body got 30-0 on PC. It might be cheats.

    Also i should mention that those who are cheating in TOP 100 dont do it every match and are usually good enough to get 20 wins or have squads to help them get 20wins. They will use the crash cheat in some matches only. They wont do it many times in a row. I only remember 2 that were banned before but dont know what cheating they were doing or if it was coin transfer ban.

    One thing about FIFA on PC is that amongst the gold1+/elite players you got players with non meta squad playing non meta style. Unlike on consoles WL on PC is waay more fun and i still enjoy it even though the game might be bad.

    Also EA dont really do anything about cheaters on PC. Their measuers for ANTICHEAT are very old and stupid. Basically they will punish players who are not cheating because for an example other players quitting x3 times in a row before entering the game.

    Reporting does nothing as well.

    Also i should add that in DIV Rivals from teh start of FIFA there have been crashes. Constant crashing of different sorts. But also cheaters using these faults to make other users crash etc.

    I dont get crashes in other modes but only in div rivals. Very rare that fifa crashes otherwise.

    Also test this if you getting many crashes in div 1. Relegate yourself to div 3 and see how suddenly crashing stops. I dont know if this is still the case because all year i have mainly played WL. Div Rivals is a bugged mode with high scripting.
    But i was having lots of these crashes before and then i relegated myself to div 3 because of the crashes and suddenly the crashing stopped. This was a while ago so it might have been fixed i dont know. I have not played enough div rivals lately.

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    The second time I play this player. My goalkeeper literally teleported couple yards out when 1vs1. First time I had severe connection issues when winning and eventually was forced out the game and lost on default. Cynthiagaminggal has a record of 348-6-4 on seasons which is just total BS.

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