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Who would you say is the best CDM in game?? (Max Price 150k)


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    projektozprojektoz Posts: 8

    @Scootlerboy4 @sakifhossain7
    Allan - Are you talking about his basic card?
    Would you say he is better than Ferna, Casemiro and Fabinho?
    It's ironic because Brazil are known for producing players with Flair and Skills. But here we have a list of Brazilian players classed as the best CDM's around.

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    kingmus10kingmus10 Posts: 247
    Fabinho or sbc doucoure ( you will get decent packs back)
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    KapoAUTKapoAUT Posts: 26
    for this price: Allan
    played about 120 games with his SBC Card, he's totaly overpowered, definately my first choice with this budget.
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    k0ng0b0ng0k0ng0b0ng0 Posts: 3
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