I need your Help with my new team.

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Hey guys,
it would be very nice if you share your opinions.

I'd like to use 91Hamsik as a CDM in my team. do you think it's good idea?

GK: IF De Gea
LB: Roberto Carlos (Untr.)
CB: TOTY Varane
CB: OP Puyol
RB: OTW Cancelo
CDM L: SBC Casemiro (Untr.)
CDM R: SBC Hamsik (?) (Untr.)
CAM L: FB Villa (Untr.)
CAM M: Seedorf
CAM R: Butragueno (Untr.)
ST: FB Torres (Untr.)

What do you mean? do you think Hamsik (chem: Sentinel or Shadow) isn't good enough for a CDM in this team? Or do. you have other thoughts?

I'm very thankfull for all your comments.

Unfortunately i don't have coins left for another investment on a good CDM. I'd have to sell another tradeable player of this team...

Cheers, Kapo
  1. 91 Hamsik as a CDM?2 votes
    1. Good enough
    2. Not good enough
    3. depends on your defending skills
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