Blanc 92 or Desailly 92

Which SBC should I do ? My CBs now are DavidLuiz and Campbell Prime but I want to upgrade Campbell.


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    monkeynsmonkeyns Posts: 4

    Blanc and david luiz at the back are mental thats my two centre backs

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    Big Blancy boi
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    ihatetayihatetay Posts: 822

    Blanc for sure. People forget that Agility has a big effect as they can turn quicker and react faster in situations. Also having great ball control is vital because how many times a defender takes a bad touch and you concede.

    Desailly is not bad as all icon CB's are pretty good because they overall position themselves so much better etc. But he lacks some stats that help out alot.
    Maldini, Blanc, Hierro, Cannavaro, Moore are the best ICON CB*s.

    Dont forget passing is critical as well so many times people lose the ball because a defender cant pass. Vision and curve helps a lot. Moore and Hierro are fantastic in that area. Blanc and Maldini do a good job as well.

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