Guendozi & Telles or Arthur & Filipe Luis


Hi guys,

I'm totally into the hype of the future Stars:

My Current team is looking like that:

Now i would like to upgrade my fernandinho cause hes is alittle to slow...

my budget is 630k. I can barely stretch for Guendozi or athur.

In game i play 4-2-3-1 means one of them would be my 2nd cdm next to marcelo.

Well, currently I hesitate wichich of the following formations i should use:



  1. Guendouzi & Telles / Arthur & Filipe Luis5 votes
    1. Guendouzi & Telles
    2. Arthur & Filipe Luis


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    btw. Fernandinho & Griezmann (reds), Hazard, Juanfran, Casillas as well as Campbell are untradeable

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    isaaco7isaaco7 Posts: 96
    Guendouzi would be the best option for your team Arthur is great I packed him and used him but telles>Luis in my opinion and. Plus the prem and French links help out
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    grats to your packluck :)

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    isaaco7isaaco7 Posts: 96
    edited January 2019
    Thanks wish he was tradable though?
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    Well sometimes this is easier then making the dessicion by your self B)

    Has arthur good defending? He is kind of midget. :dizzy:

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    isaaco7isaaco7 Posts: 96
    If you've played with modric then hes similiar hes short but dribbling and passing are good. Defending he can still get it done just time your tackles I use an anchor on him
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