Squad/team building request

Sebastiaan537Sebastiaan537 Posts: 2
edited April 2019 in Squad Building

Platform: PS4
Budget: 320,00 Ish ( Can save if needed)
Min chemistry: As high as you deem playable.
Formation: Any
Players that must be in: No need.
Untradeable players (optional): I have Kroos 90, lloris 88, aranguiz 84 (idk if he's good), 84 Bakambu, 84 Cillessen ( idk if he's good). They do not have to be used only if you think they would be good in our suggested squad/team.
Description: Not full serie A or premier league.( already have one) I like to play with a midfield that's good at passing for a lot of opportunities. And a least one very quick winger, Striker can have low pace but preferable not lower then 80. Please if you would like to help me out that would be awesome! I have been playing with serie A and premier league the last 2 years ( that's how long I had fifa) And Serie A is always awesome but recently sold my premier league because it just was not really what I wanted, I'd like to play with a hybrid or different league or a nation team to change the players I am playing with.

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