Bobby Moore Prime SBC is it worth it? Please help

Can you help me? I have enough coins to do this sbc, but idk should I spend my coins for him or should I spend for someone else.


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    ihatetayihatetay Posts: 822

    He is amazing. If you are not a pace whure and can actually play football then he is insane. I had his normal prime for about 500 matches before i sold him to test other cards out. I will do his sbc as soon as i have saved up a bit of coins again.

    His passing is superb and the way you can control and move the ball out the defence with him is amazing. Tackling positioning is top class.

    The only thing was that i felt he needed a chemstyle with pace boost for sure. High agility helps alot obv.

    I have Cannavaro now for an example he is great, quick, agile and is the same when it comes to winning the ball back. But Cannavaro cant pass and dribble. That is more annoying to me than a bit of pace.

    Also he is the only icon sbc that is doable for under the price of a cheap base icon. If you have some untradeable cards etc then you can do this cheaply and you got a great player to play with and in the future you could also use him in a icon SBC.

    So go for it yes.

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