PGP Suggestion!

MamutesFCMamutesFC Posts: 1

Hi, only a suggestion:

It should be nice if you could choose a Period Range for PGP, like: "show only Last Mounth PGP", "show only Last Week PGP"...

Because if you make the calculations thinking about the entire game, maybe this ocasion can occur:

  • Cristiano Ronaldo normal card is 1.00 PGP nowadays.

    But maybe he was 1.20 goal/game at the firsts mounths
    And recent mounths he is 0.8 g/g

    So his average made him 1.00 g/g

  • And a recent launched card could be 0.92 g/g nowadays, but looking at CR7 1.00, you would prefer him over the recent one launched!

So I think this feature would help a lot! If it`s somehow easy to implement, please, give it to us!

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