Middle Blanc or Prime Blanc?

I’m going to get Blanc to replace 85 van dijk soon.. Wonder if his Middle is just as good as his prime for 150k less?
And also i can go for if van dijk but i think Blanc would be great?


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    ihatetayihatetay Posts: 424

    Why dont you try out the middle first? I think it looks about equal to his prime. Where the other has less the other has more and vice versa. I doubt there is much difference in his versions.

    BUT i do know that some cards can feel completley different even though they are not that different in term of stats. This i mean by Icons. I have tried many icons that i felt middle or base should be as good as prime. But when trying their prime you can feel a big difference between their versions even though stats arent that different.
    This does not apply to all icons obviously but it can in some cases be like that.

    If you have not tried Blanc prime then try his middle. Cause i have told you that his both prime and primererer version are godly. If you feel that the middle card is not doing it for you then the prime will.

    That agility and ball control and dribbling is sooo nice to have in a defender!

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