How do I defend in weekend league

RehaankingRehaanking Posts: 191
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I am absolutely terrible at defending and would like some tips on defending. Is there a certain formation with 4 at the back? Thanks in advance!
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    PhoenixZockerPhoenixZocker Posts: 4
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    Try to to dont use so much defense player. Get the cdm and try to block there passway. When they are close to goal get on them try to get everyone befor that play to block his shot. Thats what i do. Oh and when they run to the corner from the side try to get your defender all in the middle cause when they com from corner there are 2 option. First: they want to get closer with that player and make a shot outside the box or close in the box. Or second: they run down the line try to close pass in the middle and get a goal wth another player waiting both ways i find it better to have my defenders ind the middle. But as i say it speacial at me. Hope could give u spme help. Other ppl can maybe help you even more
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    4-5-1 is a general defending formation, with a pacy striker it could be great for you. What Phoenix said was smart, blocking shots can be useful. What I do when in WL and a player who is good is on the counter I mostly just get my team back by holding L2 (PS4) and that helps me jockey the opponent so the team runs back and the player attacking me has to slow down. Hope it helps.

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