Hierro 89 is he really good I play with a 451


which would be a good alternative with a high rating and that passing under 400k


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    ihatetayihatetay Posts: 822

    Prime version i have used for 700matches and he is one of the best CB's. I would think his other 2 versions should be able to do similar job.

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    and what about Nesta mid 90????

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    ihatetayihatetay Posts: 822

    Forget Nesta. As great as he was in real life...EA completely messed up his FIFA card.(i have tried both his middle and prime)

    The best passer is Moore. Unbelievable passing and great defensive work as well. I had to give him shadow for extra pace but wow he is great.
    Hierro is 2nd best with passing when it comes to icons.(engine chem) His short passing is not great but long passing is tremendous. No idea why such a big difference.
    Blanc has good passing as well.

    Things you are looking for that are vital: Vision. I cant tell you how much better it is to be able to play the ball through the defence into midfield. You cant do that with bad passers. I have Cannavaro atm and he is amazing in defence. But he costs me so much in passing.

    Curve has an effect as well but not that much and not that important either. It is just a plus if they have 70+ in curve.

    Agility, Balance, Ball control are very important and get overlooked by people. With agility they turn quicker and keep up with attackers much better. They can stick onto them like leeches if they have high agility. On a through ball they quickly turn around and get to running at speed. Agility with balance helps them reach more balls in certain situations and better control as to not lose their footing and eventually the ball or a costly mistake.

    i use engine chem on most of my players. I have Blanc and Cannavaro both on engine chem. Very rarely you see them take a bad touch etc. Nearly no mistakes.

    If you like playing the ball out of defence and you are also good at defending then Moore will be phenomenal for you. Hierro and Blanc are also fantastic in being complete defenders. You want anyone of those 3, 100%.

    Hierro prime is king in penalty area. See him win all the headers. I get him to mark players like Ibra and CR7 and they never win header vs him. If only people werent all crazy about pace and tried defenders like Moore and Hierro they would notice how great they are and how much better your defence becomes with them.

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