Need Help Building a New Squad (France, Netherlands, and if possible Belgium)

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Hello everyone,
I'm looking to build a new squad that's a mixture of France, Netherlands, and Belgium international players(looking to get 100 chem obvi). I'm not even sure if this is possible but I'm open to any suggestions really. Right now I have Depay(86), Mbappe(87), future stars Mendy and de Jong, birthday Meunier, Griezmann, Kimpembe(84), league sbc Umtiti, CL rttf Benzema(89), birthday Witsel, league sbc Rabiot, Carniball Limbombe(86), OTW Promes, and Pogba. Don't need to use all of them and am open to getting 2-3 players max with a budget of around 300k. Sorry this is a lot but I'd really appreciate if anyone could help me figure this out. Also highly prefer formations of 4 at the back. Let me know if anyone has any suggestions, thanks!


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    Also, just a heads up if this changes anything, I'm working on getting either headliner or TIF Lala as well as the 87 Kimpembe.

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