FUT on PC. Worse/Harder than console?

I’m thinking of switching from PS4 to PC next year for FUT on FIFA20.
Is it a bad decision? What’s the market like as the prices usually seem wildly different to console.
Are there any other things to consider? Difficulty of opposition etc.?
Just weighing it up ahead of next season.



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    FIFA on PC you get less kids and more of the older users. As with many like me who grew up playing FIFA in the 90's always had FIFA on PC and seen it as a PC game. There are still the same kids/immature players on PC though but not as many as console.

    Generally you get better players on PC but the top players are on console. The top 100 is slightly better on consoles. BUT that is also because there are many kids/bad casual console players.

    The market does not matter because even though things are slightly more expensive on PC. Everything you sell is also of a higher sale value. So it equals out. Only problem is that for more rare players like icons you have to wait for prime time to see them at the market. European night time has less transfer activity.

    The experience is very similar tbh not that much different apart from that you have a bit more mature players on PC than consoles.

    The best thing about PC is that a good PC can handle this crappy piece of shit engine the game is based on. So you generally will get a much smoother gameplay and better connection.
    There can still be faults and lag etc. But my friends who run on consoles cant sometimes even play because of the delay.

    On PC delay/lag problems are waaay less. So that alone should get people to go on PC.

    So in general it is pretty similar, division rivals is full of salty people but a bit less than consoles and the competing level is pretty equal on PC as well. Weekend league is fun on PC. I tried on console and it is hellish. The delay and difference of skill level is too big.

    2 negative things about PC, cheaters on Squad battles(top 50) therefore reaching top 100 is more difficult and getting gold/elite requires more points compared to console.. And also in FUT Draft you get cheaters. WL and division rivals is good though.

    1 main reason to get it on PC is the smoother gameplay and connection. I would think that is enough of a reason to go PC.

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