Squad Battles harder recently??


Due to my poor internet connection (I practically live in the woods), I am stuck playing squad battles. I usually win comfortably on legendary difficulty. But lately, I have been getting my a** handed to me pretty consistently. Why is this? It is completely ruining the game for me after putting at least a few hundred hours into the game. PLEASE HELP!


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    Nexstar004Nexstar004 Posts: 71

    I've noticed that the better your team gets, the better the AI seems to be playing.
    I've sold my team for tots and am playing a cheap squad in squad battles which for some reason is racking out better wins then my old and much better one.

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    ihatetayihatetay Posts: 822

    Scripting is strong atm

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    Shoot198Shoot198 Posts: 3

    @ihatetay What do you mean atm? it changes sometimes? based on what?

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    ihatetayihatetay Posts: 822

    Well in fifa 17 and 18 i felt the same sort of changes like i do now. I thought it was a fluke or just in my head. (around tots)

    But around TOTS my team started to play badly. Where i reach elite 3/2 in WL with ease i struggled to get gold 1. Same happened the last 2 FIFA's. But i bought EFL tots and build a new team and suddenly my teams passing, shooting, tackling, reactions, ball touches were all much better even though the players are way worse than my main god squad.

    Last year i had a bundesliga god squad and even with hundreds of games with players they started playing badly. I built a new swedish team and it was back to normal. By normal i mean that scritping hits you in waves rather than being constant. It helps you sometimes and sometimes goes against.

    But when it constantly goes against you then you know something is wrong.

    I mean you get scripting sometimes as in a worse player than you will have a team be better than usual and your will get worse etc etc. I can handle that sort of scripting because it goes up and down.

    But now it was constant no matter what mode + player i was up against.

    I tried squad battles and it was the same there even vs the bad teams. I am the same i can easily win on legendary and sometimes on ultimate.

    I hate the mode because instead of they making the AI better they make YOUR team worse to make it more difficult. Which is retarded.

    My friends have the same thing, everyone built a new team and a few games it was great.

    You guys can try one thing, turn on the trainer with the passing direction and shooting. Look how bad they pass and shoot. It is way worse than normal.

    On EA forums the complaints have gone up like 60%...many are having troubles suddenly.

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    Shoot198Shoot198 Posts: 3

    @ihatetay so you think buying tots players essentially reduces scripting? They're just trying to force you to improve your team and if you don't have the coins, you have to buy fifa points?

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    ihatetayihatetay Posts: 822

    Not TOTS players but they want you to buy new players and get drain coinage. I mean just check out how your player can be great for 10-20 games then his perfomance will go up and down.

    Think of the 5%tax. There is no reason for it. The only reason it is there is this: lets say you buy a player for 100k...then you want to replace that player...you sell him for 100k but you get 95k back...the other player you wanted to buy was 100k....now you cant buy him...OK LETS BUY POINTS!

    There is no inflation reasons for the tax(people who say that have no idea of how economics work).

    Anyways being a analytic sort of a person that i am i have tried all sorts of things and always looking for changes etc etc.

    Usually i notice that even if you just build a new team with the same players but just create a new squad with new name and re-do the tactics will help!

    This TOTS thing is weird, i dont know if it is just because the amount of players suddenly are entered into FUT has an effect on their scripting. But no other promotion has the same effect. 3 years in a row i have felt that scritping is very weird just around TOTS.

    Think of this you buy lets say Matthäus(i have his sbc). The first 20 matches i assure you he made no mistakes! His shots were super crisp and even though he might not have scored all his shots they were all really good shots and went were i aimed etc.
    But after the 20 matches he started making weird mistakes...suddenly his touches werent always the best. Sometimes the ball is coming to him, slowly and he is stood there no problem to recieive the ball...and he puts out his leg as if he needs to reach for the ball and it goes between his legs.

    But luckily Matthäus has such insane stats that even when sometimes scripting affects his stats it is not as bad as if someone 87 rated suddenly starts shooting worse.

    The main thing you should know about the scripting...do you know of the sliders you can use in single player to adjust speed/errors/shooting etc. Make it worse or better for CPU or Player.

    Now when you play in FUT and you are up against lets say a gold 3 player whilst you are a ELITE player. Now Both can play the game basics, they know generally how to play it quite good.

    Lets say the team are more or less the same...now cause the Elite player has more experience of using skills/tactical knowledge he will start dominating. Now the sliders get adjusted...the Elite players passing will get worse...his players will be slightly worse in touches(slower in turns etc). So basically an 85 rated player will play as a 75 rated.
    A good elite player can counter this by starting to play a bit more safe and as if they are playing with a silver team. But not everyone has that experience and it should not be involved in a skill levelling.

    But lets say the elite player has a god squad. So now his 95 rated player will play as a 85 rated player. And if the Elite player is used to be able to play with a shit squad then he will have no problem adjusting and still dominate. Again this should not be the case in skill levelling.

    I have been able to reach elite with a semi silver squad. What i noticed most was how my silver players played like decent gold players. Yes they lacked a bit sometimes but they were juiced up from their normal ability of things.
    Because when i very very rarely came up against a similary squad. Then my silvers played as they should be quite bad in certain areas. Silver team vs Silver team and you notice things get levelled out. Silver vs gold and silver get juiced up.

    Hence why a player like Gullit or Matthäus are so highly rated is only because when they get worse in the game by scripting. Their level is still as a great gold card. Hence why the game becomes PAY TO WIN!

    Icons are also magnets to the ball just so you know. My Keane vs an icon will be able to win the ball back. But my Wernbloom with same exact tackle wont vs an icon.

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