Best gk??

Hey guys i was wondering who is the best gk available out there ???.... icons included please


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    ihatetayihatetay Posts: 822

    Schmeichel, Van Der Sar, De Gea, Neuer, Courtois

    Schmeichel moments is the best of the best as he has it all and no weaknesses.
    But mostly not much difference between goalkeepers since the updates they are more equal now. Some better in other areas some in other.

    Schmeichel and De Gea are the best shot stoppers, long and close and they are very quick and amazing at getting the 2nd shot saves and 1v1 situations.

    VDS and Couritos are slower and they are not that great at 1v1. Courtious is probably the worst GK i have faced out of the top ones when it comes to 1v1 situations and close shots. He is great at other stuff with long shots(diving) and dominating the air in the box. but he is too clumsy in that area unlike De Gea and Schmeichel.

    Moments Schmeichel has the same diving ability as the tall keepers but the speed and reflexes of De Gea. He and VDS make very little mistakes.

    De Gea on the other hand can make some impossible saves that no other keeper seems to be able to do. But then sometimes equally bad mistakes when his hand turns to jelly.

    Obviously even if i say all that above most of the top rated keeper will do a good job. The only thing why i say Schmeichel is that he does not have any weakness. His passing is good as well so you dont get too many bad kicks unlike many other top keepers with bad kicking.

    I mean Schmeichel SBC is not that expensive and is only getting cheaper as TOTS picks up pace with prem coming up next.

    But to save even more money you can go for any of the top keepers and they will be good. As i said though in some areas some are not that good etc. The most complete non icon are De Gea and Neuer.

    Depends on what you want, Some dont need speed and kicking. I prefer a keeper with great kicking and a bit of speed because i often play with a high defensive line and i am always ready getting the keeper out. It is a neat trick i do to fool people to play a through ball. On occasions it has backfired because of input lag but hey whats the fun in fall back tactics anyways.

    Schmeichel normal prime was not that good this year. So i did VDS SBC back when it was out. I played 500ish games with VDS but he had his faults even though he was a stable keeper and used to never really make any mistakes on his own.

    But the moments Schmeichel does everything great and i was surpised how much better his moments card felt over his prime. That also means that chem style does not have that big effect as it suggests. Base stats have a bigger effect i think.

    No mistakes from Schmeichel yet at least not in the way De Gea and Courtious and Neuer used to sometimes to do me.

    Tim Howard SBC was also one hell of a goalkeeper. I am not joking when i say he was on par with Schmeichel. For many he could not be linked and was probably used in SBC's. Which i did as well but i had about 50+ games with him.

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