Pele 95 or Pele 98?


Given that 95 Pele already has a lot of stats maxed out after chem style is added, is it worth the extra 1 million or so to go up to Pele 98, or is there only going to be a tiny difference between them? Can't decide which to buy, and if the difference won't be much, I'd rather spend the extra 1 mil on other players.


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    jokeawayjokeaway Posts: 3

    i had pele91,95,98 in my team once and the 99 in draft.
    i honestly had the most fun with the 91 version.
    He is not that expensive and he is a perfect winger or striker in a double striker formation.

    I really did not feel any hyper performance upgrade with the higher rated ones. They lack in strength to play at CAM and with the right chemstyle finishing is maxed out either way.
    toty messi and prime moment maradona felt way better at cam than 99 pele...curious but i dunno...

    with that 91 pele instead it was fun, because the team around him was way better and having gullit + pele is better than just having pele ;)

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