Plz build me a squad


Platform: Xbox
Budget: 1.2mil
Min chem: 100 with loyalty and manager
Formation: 451
Players that must be in: potm kruse, tots moutinho, 88 cancelo, 91 james Rodriguez
Untradeable: potm kruse, tots moutinho, 88 cancelo, 91 james Rodriguez, fut bday Meunier, live baluta, tots Rodri, tots Norwood


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    FillorafkFillorafk Posts: 14
    edited May 2019
    I couldnt find a way to fit everyone in and still have everyone on 10 chemistry. If you'd really insist on using Kruse you van swap him for Lewa but Rodriguez drops to 7 chemistry.
    Hope this helped you dude.
    (manager isnt needed btw, just chose pep since he won the league a couple of days ago :P)
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    SiwzSiwz Posts: 5

    Team without Moutinho, but all 10 Chem

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    Dteague628Dteague628 Posts: 2
    You could get Dumfries on 7 chem instead of Haps and hes probably better if you want.
    Boly is the only way I could fit in moutinho
    1.17mil on PS4 not sure about xbox

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