Best goalkeeper in game?

I need a new goalkeeper because my casillas left his hands in his house, who is the best goalkeeper in game and some goalkeeper lower than 60k


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    Road to final fahrmann, courtouis, de gea, lloris, Ederson
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    HarveyPHarveyP Posts: 1
    Inform Cech trust me
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    I have been using UCL Ederson and OTW Alisson since the start. They are both great but I felt something was missing at times. Casillas has been on target especially since I started using In form Eder Militao. Once I got the Future Star Eder Militao, I have not lost in fut champs or rivals since. If you didn’t get Casillas you’re out of luck. Shoot for De Gea.
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    StucowieStucowie Posts: 6

    Team of the Group Stage Handanovic with a basic chem style... he is superb for me

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    If you did his sbc flashback Casillas is insane
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    The German Wall: Neur
    De Gia
    Both are really great
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    mig40970mig40970 Posts: 1

    Pickford can be nasty to score against

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    TurnyTurny Posts: 8
    Fahrmann rtf, ederson and buffon are the best I've used. IF Szcezny is the one who always kills me when I play against him.
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    Neuer. Hands down. Not even close.
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    BautiM37BautiM37 Posts: 1
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    GT1973GT1973 Posts: 4

    De Gea is the best but you need the £££

    Donaruma and Oblack are the ones I have struggled against

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