Need some help starting investing

Hi guys, i know i shouldn't ask for this but can anyone give me a little coin to do the fraser sbc and start investing in players to have lots of coins? Im already doing the trick of buying bronze and silver packs but when i do the sbc that need lots of high end cards i spend lots of money and now Just need some to start again. Sorry about asking this. Thanks for reading.


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    TunefisherTunefisher Posts: 2
    In the beginning I started trading with French lm/rm players. Just place bids for 300-450 coins on them and sell them for 850-950 coins each. Takes a little bit time but for me was the profit guaranteed. If you made some coins then you can start trading with special cards or high rated cards for upcoming SBCs like the Mbappe poty SBC (i bought Griezmann and Lloris a few times).
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    do the bronze pack method and submit the players you get into bronze upgrade, then into silver upgrade anjd then into gold upgrade. keep doing this and eventually you will have enough untradeables to do most sbcs

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