Help me create a fun squad, good untrad. players available and 1 mio coins


Hey guys.
Lost a bit passion about the game lately and would love to reignite it with some new players.
Ideally an upgrade, obviously. ;)

Platform: XBOX One
Budget: 985,000
Min chemistry: 100
Formation: Any
Players that must be in: Baby Maradona, De Rossi FB, Florenzi UCL PSBC,
Untradeable players (optional): Ibra FB, Ibra Birthday, Sane HL, Salah Birthday, Rebic Uefa live, Blanc middle, Hazard POTM, Werner Birthday, Reus 1POTM, Ziyech HL, Aubameyang POTM, Tevez FB, Dani Alves FB, Ramsey EoE, Naldo Birthday, Boateng Xmas, Sturridge FB, Jovic EL-TOTT, Mahrez IF, Gervinho Birthday, Boateng FB, Götze FB, Rüdiger Carnival, Lucas POTM, Joelinton FS, Saint Maximin FS, Rafeal Leao FS, Manolas IF, Juan Jesus swap, Alex Sandro
Description: I am not using too much dribblings, and rather like to build up my game with passing and speed. I play most of the time with wingers, but build most attack up from the center.

Thank you :)

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