Help me with my new team! WARNING: many untradeables (for peapole who wants a challenge)


Formation: your choice but need to be with 2 defensive midfielders (not as their starting position) and 4 attacking players
Min Chem: 100 (with loy. on all players)
Budget: around 50 k but i got Many untradeables
Untradeables: Sancho (POTM LM, must be), Sturridge (Flashback, must be), Ibracadabra (Flashback, must be), Zaha (FUTMAS), Guila... cant write his name but a Fut swap CDM from france (FUT swap, must be)
Description: A tip is that you could have someone like Zaha on bench and use allesandrini to link Ibra and Guila... Also plz go for a link between Sancho and Sturridge. Defensiv and one defensive mid is all up to you, i would also like to have Road to CL final Ralf Fährmann in goal

Thanks for your time


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    isaaco7isaaco7 Posts: 96
    Sancho ibra alessandrini
    Tolisso guilavogui Sturridge
    Alaba tah stones trent-arnold
    Sub in zaha
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