Anyone want to give it a try ?


Platform: PS4
Budget: proceeds from sales of the players not used
Min chemistry: 100
Formation: Any to start but 4-2-3-1 to play.
Players that must be in: No one necessarily, but would appreciate to have the high-end untradeables (like Van Basten that costed me a kidney).

Untradeable players: TOTS Alisson & Ederson (yeah, right?), Van Basten (94), Laporte (red 94), Chiellini (90), Bobby Moore (89), Rice (88), Carniball Rudiger & Mendy (both 87), SBC Doucore (86), Werner (87), Mena (87) and Sané (86).

Description: This was my last WL team before I got some new players and SBC's (all updated with their (un)tradeable status) -
I start in 433 and change to 4231.
Also, I'm closing in on the 14 FUT swap cards, so the decision on what to pick should be considered as well. Walker doesn't seem to make much sense anymore, the baby icon seems like a risk not worth at this stage and Suarez just doesn't fit.

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