Packs/ Fifa Points

About packs, how much would cost the most expensive pack like ultimate pack ? In Fifa Points


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    JBABY181JBABY181 Posts: 79

    I think the most expensive pack is 2200 fifa points. Someone correct me if I'm wrong

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    ihatetayihatetay Posts: 822

    Never buy fifa points. Trust me. Ultimate pack is 2500 points/125,000 coins. It has 30 gold rare...and trust me it is very very rare you get someone good.
    You would be surprised how many ultimate packs i have packed and got nothing. I have gotten more luck with smaller packs. Opening more packs is better than 1 big one.

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    BrdaanielBrdaaniel Posts: 73
    @ihatetay I agree , sick of buying fifa points for nothing.
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