First we had PL TOTS , then Bundesliga. Which one is next? Does anyone know or have any ideia, please. Thank you


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    FutbinsteveFutbinsteve Posts: 17
    There’s no way to tell until they release the voting early next week.
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    ihatetayihatetay Posts: 822

    La liga and super lig is next. After that is Serie A, Ligue 1 and Eredivise together. Then Rest Of The World. Then Ultimate.
    I think last time around it was the last week we got all the TOTS included in packs also all specials from the year were incl in packs(non sbc)

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    BrdaanielBrdaaniel Posts: 73
    edited May 2019
    @Futbinsteve @ihatetay thanks lads, do we get to vote or how this works like ?! (Its my First year playing Fifa)
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