Am I wrong or is TOTS Alisson absolute shit? (at least compared to 91 De Gea)

Ok so I packed Alisson in PL TOTS SBC and I wasnt happy especially since i had 91 De Gea. I played over 10 games with him and I just feel that De Gea saved more chances for me. Maybe i expected too much but at the moment this is my opinion. So my question to you is what are your experiences with TOTS Alisson?


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    carrhilldcarrhilld Posts: 25
    I bought tots alisson recently and I he’s been amazing maybe just give him time
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    Webby98Webby98 Posts: 44
    I dont have him but im glad when my opponents do a power shot from outside the box or a header and its 100% a goal he is shit but every gk makes mistakes thats just fifa im happy with my prime icon moments schmeichel
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    tyty1994tyty1994 Posts: 23
    He was awful for me. I actually thought his otw was way better truthfully.
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    LacalacabossLacalacaboss Posts: 264
    Probably he plays for Liverpool
    For real tho he’s bad
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