Finesse Shot

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How does the finesse shot really Works, do the player needs to have a 5 Star weak foot or 5 Star skills, or does this doesnt affect ingame?!


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    weak foot only matters when you use the weaker foot of that player. Has nothing to do with anything other than someone with 2 star weak foot wont be able to do as well with its weak foot as someone with 5star.

    the main thing a player needs is finishing, composure and curve. even though curve does not have that big of an effect as even players with low curve can sometimes shoot with massive amounts of curve. Generally the players with more curve will more often add curve to their shots which would help their shots go in. Not something you need THAT much but it is something to look out for in case you have 2 players with similar stats.

    5 star skills only mean that you can do more skill moves with that player. Does not affect anything else. Saying that though i do feel players with 4 or 5 star skills sometimes dribble better.

    Gomis 89 is a good example. 4star skills but low agility but dribbles better than players with 3 star skills and more agility and dribbling.

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