Got alot of untradables, not alot of money please help with squad


Platform - Xbox
Budget - 420k
Formation- Start with or Change in-game to 4-2-3-1 or 4-2-2-2 so it doesnt really matter as long as it has 2 cdms
All Untradeable Players- Primer Bobby Moore, Primer Deco, 88 Cancelo, Flashback Tevez, FFS Jovic, OTW Mahrez, Fut Birthday Meunier, 86 Depay, Oblak, Lloris
Must be used- Bobby Moore, Deco. As many untradeables as possible

Like to El Tornado cross, so 5* skills is prefered for atleast 1 player, Need a decent striker in the air or someone who can header.
Would likeall players to be on 10 chem, if one player is on 6 that is ok as loyalty and manager will get them to 8.

Thanks For Helping

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