When will players prices be at their cheapest in FUT 19? Will Div.Rivals be continued after Fifa 20?


Hello everyone I am new to Fifa Forums but I have read many articles before.
I have played Fut since Fifa 12 when it was free on disc, and this may be my last Fifa unless EA really do change the gameplay and enjoyability in the future.

My questions were firstly if anyone can predict when players prices will be at their DEAD cheapest. Last year the market crashed due to WCMode and everyone picked up Icons and TOTS for dirt cheap. But this year it's uncertain what price and inflation players will have, and I don't think the market will crash like last year. From what I remember from playing the previous Fut on Fifa's , and looking at players prices on Futbin, on Fifa 16 and Fifa17 they are still listed to be at their cheapest around end of July and August, so I will definitely wait until then.

The reason to this is so I can afford to buy more Icons and TOTS and have more leagues and different players. Like I said before, I'm not planning on buying the next Fifa, I would rather keep playing Fifa 19, so does anyone think they will keep Division Rivals after the launch of Fifa 20? In the previous editions Weekend League, SBC etc. were removed but they have always kept some form of Online Season or call it now Div.Rivals, Online Single Player until the servers die after 4 years. It would be boring logging onto FUT and just playing against the computer, so as long as they keep some Online matchmaking content in FUT 19, I would be happy enough....

Any help, advice or suggestions would be appreciated, thanks!


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    ihatetayihatetay Posts: 822

    The engine they use for the game is terrible. Hence the laggy problems.

    When it comes to market crash it was not the WC mode that did it. It is the end of TOTS when they release all specials in packs. IT is also a point in game where people lose interest etc. Hence why everything goes dirt cheap as the demand is not much. Mostly because at this point people have more or less "finished" their squad building. People wont be getting so many of the new high rated TOTS players because they already got icons/specials of good players. So it is only the top end cards that are expensive but even they will crash for a while when they release it all.

    They are releasing as many SBC's they can to keep the market more level. But we are seeing for every TOTS week it gets slightly cheaper. This weekend we get 3 leagues at once so that should make it go down quite a bit.

    For many it is also a good point to do SBC's especially the icon sbc's.

    Div rivals will continue i am pretty sure. How much they will change FIFA 20? hopes are very low. Wishes are high but we will probably get disappointed as per usual.

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