Which icon should i start saving for

So im thinkin about starting to save to an icon, Price gap 500k- 800k. I have 100k rn, but i Will get coins soon.


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    Do you have any idea on what type of player you want, for example you might have a good ST now so there is no point in getting a ST icon
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    Nedved/Raul(88) the best 500 - 800 k
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    xFabrixFabri Posts: 6
    Im currently thinking about midfielder or a forwards.
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    I currently have over 300 games with 90 rated Emilio Butragueno, he is absolutely fenomenal. He can score from anywhere with both feet.

    I think you can very well start of with his 88 rated, and then try to save up to get the 90. Definetely worth every coin
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    Hey Baby icon Figo he's a beast
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