Best Two ST combo in FUT?

I’m using TOTS Reus and Kai, just curious as to what is another good ST combo you guys have used?


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    Crespo and butragueno, both prime. Crespo and cr7 is really good as well, but a little more expensive
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    Tots martens and Prime Moment Hernandez
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    FafulaijFafulaij Posts: 39
    Base R9 + eusibio prime
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    ihatetayihatetay Posts: 822

    Ibra FB, Ruud moments (Sócrates moments or B.Fernandes TOTS as CAM for support)
    Gomis TOTS Musa SBC(Giuliano TOTS as CAM support)

    Those are my top 2 pairing.

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    tyty1994tyty1994 Posts: 23
    I prefer Butragueno/Son. Killer combo with the double 5* weak foot. So so fast as well.
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    For me def 94 R9 and FB Firmino have been insane together. I play 41212 (2) with tots Aouar as the CAM

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    SugejtSugejt Posts: 2
    91 Cruyff and Tots Ben Yedder. These two score everything
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