Messi shit stamina

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Packed 98 suarez in the LaLiga TOTS Guarantee SBC, so I decided to play Messi at 7 chem on the RF position, and Lanzini at CM for chem. However, I've had Messi earlier in the year, and he was phenomenal. This time he dramatically underperformed, with 4 goals and 4 assists in 23 games. After about 60 minutes of play, his lack of stamina makes him virtually useless, and I sub in TOTS Rafa for him.

This is my current FUT Champs starting team. My only tradable players are Fabinho (which he will have to stay for chem with mane, VVD and Telles), Messi, Lanzini and KDB (who will also stay because he's fantastic). I switch to a 4-2-3-1 (2) in game, with Suarez at ST, Mane at LCAM, KDB at CAM, Messi at RCAM, Fabinho LCDM, and I sub in FUT Birthday Milinkovic-Savic at RCDM for Lanzini.

I've been thinking of selling Messi and Lanzini, and buying TOTS Wijnaldum and regular Ousmanne Dembele at the RF. Instead of subbing in Savic for Lanzini, I'd be subbing in Rafa for Dembele in the first play of the game. This isn't ideal as Rafa is not a "meta" card, and I'm doubtful he will perform in FUT Champs. I'm hoping to pack a winger in either the Serie A or Ligue 1 TOTS Guarantee SBCs, which would solve a lot of problems. I was hoping to get suggestions as to what to do.

My goal is to use FUT Champs Rewards Gomez, Donnarumma, Rafa, FUT Birthday Naldo, and CL SBC Benzema to complete any SBCs that can give me good chances of getting a solid winger. Also, today I packed RVP in the Eredivisie TOTS Guarantee SBC, so he could be a good sub either at CAM or ST.

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