Lose the game on the end

In the most games. I have a two goal lead but in the end I lost the most games. How can I stop the final pressure. And what is the tatic they use?


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    ihatetayihatetay Posts: 382

    You are probably talking about people going high pressure(constant pressure).
    If someone does that then you got 2 things you can do. 1 is set passing to long balls/quick play. THen you just launch through balls or/and long balls to run in behind on quick as fuck counters. A bit risky.

    2nd thing is playing possession and holding onto the ball. Play wide when you get ball and narrow when defending. So when you win ball then try to always switch sides(long balls). Keep hold onto the ball BUT also make sure you look for those runs in behind because high pressure opens up a lot for counters in behind. So lobbing the ball in behind/L1 through balls etc are good in high pressure situations.

    Also play very safe at the end. Dont try hard passes etc. Also get the ball to the attackers quick and hold the ball in their half instead of your half. Passing becomes worse in the last mins of the game when you are in your half trying to pass around the game will 100% make a mistake of pass for you.

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    always change ur player in 70 minutes, who ever have less than 80 stamina as CM will kill ur team !
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    And for the tactics part honestly i do not change , i try to handle thing by playing it safe and slowly ( but be careful doing so with ur defender or cdm
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