Ideas to improve?

I have 100k in coins. Everyone in my squad, subs and reserves is untradeable except Prime Nedved.
I know there's not a whole lot that can be done but any suggestions are welcome.

Current squad, subs and reserves:

How I play it in game:

I know it's not much to work on but if anyone has any tips then great.


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    QuqoraQuqora Posts: 11

    If you're not too keen to keep Nedved and wouldn't mind selling him you could do this:

    selling Nedved would give you a total of 600K+ to work with. In game you can put Sane to Left CM and Volland at CAM or Striker over Reus.

    Another option could be this:

    putting Lewandowski at ST, Sane at left CM and Reus at CAM.

    If you're really keen on keeping Nedved you can try to save a bit more to pick up TOTGS Lewandowski, TOTS Volland, or TOTS Kruse and in game putting any of them at ST and dropping Reus to CM or CAM.

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