MOTM KDB or TOTS Bernardo Silva?


Hello all.

Making some last moves before FIFA 19 wraps up, and it appears my last "end game" player will be my CAM. I run a PL 4-1-2-1-2. Just got the TOTY Kante at CDM, 91 Sterling at RM and 88 Anderson at LM.

All the tangible signs point to Silva being the answer, minus the 3-Star WF. However; the intangibles that somehow FIFA uses to make the good players good lead me to KDB.

What does the FUTBIN community think?

  1. Orange (93) KDB or TOTS (94) Bernardo Silva?3 votes
    1. KDB
    2. Silva


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    I got bernardo silva in the red picks and i wasnt happy nor sad cause i didnt know how he was going to perform and of course i hoped for someone like hazard or aubameyang etc but bernardo silva turned out to be a beast! Absolutely love playing with him because he is soo agile, his acceleration is mad and his shots are insane. Oh and passing is also brilliant. He has everything a cam needs to have but yes, you were right about the week foot because it can be a problem sometimes especially for a cam.
    What striked me most about this card was just how easily he gets past the defenders. For some reason my opponents struggle to take the ball away from him and once he gets past a defender half a second and he is gone. Also it is easy to dribble past the cdm or defender just by using the analog stick cause he turns so quickly.
    All in all among everyone who i tried he turned out to be the most fun player i used and im sure you’ll love him
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