Looking to build a team for WL. Budget 4.2 mill

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Platform: PS4
Budget: 4.200,000
Min chemistry: 100
Formation: 4231 or 41212
Players that must be in: Any
Untradeable players (optional): Everyone apart from Telles and ederson
Description: Looking for upgrade and fun team, Maybe icons for the last few months, My style is passing a lot and 1,2s with ST. More of possession and do some skills.

My team - https://www.futbin.com/squad-builder/view/8389773

I have tried 90 ronaldo, dinho 89. Any help as i have posted few times be great cheers


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    QuqoraQuqora Posts: 11

    I'd go for TOTS Eder Militao and TOTS Trent Alexander-Arnold for the defense. Swap out Kante/torreira with TOTS Fernandinho. and then swap out Willian and Crespo for anyone you would like to use really (TOTS Laca, Auba, Son, Bernardo Silva, etc.. maybe some icons).

    Militao and TAA would give a big boost to your defense, Kante and Torreira are decent but they are rather small, and Willian and Crespo aren't the best for attacking options.

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    fluxy86fluxy86 Posts: 7

    Thank you for help, I keep changing my mind and always swapping and change squad. il have look at it

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