My Team - please help with tactics


This is my team, a lot of the players are untradable (ticked in green) so excuse the mess!

I start as 433 but go straight to 4222.

Front two are CR7 and Figo, CAMs are Bruno and Rafa.

I am not sure of the best tactics to get the most out of my boys, so please feel free to suggest some ideas :)


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    You need to change formation to get the best out of these types of Players. I recommend 4231(2) with LM + RM + ST all on “stay forward” and “get in behind”.
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    As a follow on from before... I would improve your team to this. I meant CAM instead of RM + LM above so only CAM and ST on stay forward when defending. Over time or if you have the money now, upgrade the Icon LM to someone like Giggs or Ronaldinho. Hope this helped.
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