Need some help with cam's

Hey guys
Can you please help me?
I'm playing ingame 4222 and i'm now searching for 2 new cam's...
I really want mbappe, but i don't know who i should take for the other side...

So my question:

Toty mbappe and tots mane/dembele
Tots mbappe and tots ben yedder/benzema/lacazette/pm cruyff (would do the sbc)


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    ihatetayihatetay Posts: 822

    Cruyff with sentinel is awesome. I have noticed that even if you have these TOTS players with 99 dribbling they are not as good as Cruyff etc.

    Cruyff is one of the best in the game when it comes to "on the ball" play. With 5/5 he is lethal as well.

    Only thing is that Cruyff would need sentinel. He needs the physical boost and a bit more heading accuracy will help when he at times get into heading areas.

    Ben yedder is more of a striker. Even though broken it seems. But i dont know as i have not tested him or others you mention but only similar players. but i have tested Cruyff and he is a top dog.

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